Fifth District Congressman Chris Murphy admits that life for Democrats these days isn’t easy.

“Barack Obama, in his speech this week, faced a hostile crowd, I mean, out in the public and in that Chamber.” said Congressman Murphy when I caught up with him today at the State Legislative Office building in Hartford.   “I really think that in the wake of the election in Massachusetts, we should take a step back and make one last try at making the issue of health care reform, which people care a lot about, a bi-partisan solution.”

But Murphy doesn’t want to wait forever.

“We shouldn’t waste too much time trying to get Republicans to sign onto something they have no intention of agreeing to but I don’t think we should rush forward with this, certainly, not until Scott Brown is sworn in.”

What does Brown’s victory signal to Murphy about his own run for re-election this year?

” Well, I don’t live in Massachusetts, so, I can’t completely analyze  those results. I don’t think we had a great candidate and I think Scott Brown was a good candidate but clearly people are frustrated with the Federal Government with the State Government. They’re not convinced that Health Care reform is connected to trying to prop-up our economy and that is what we’ve got to do a better job of explaining to people, that without health care reform, without lower the cost of health care for businesses, we are never going to fully recover as an economy.”  Murphy said.

But is the Democratic plan to reform Health Care close to flat-lining?

“Listen, the results in Massachusetts don’t change the fact that there  are thousands of people who I represent who are getting kicked of their health care because they’re sick or hundreds of businesses going out of business because they can’t afford  it, ” he said. “We still need to pass health care reform.  We should just take some time,  in the wake of the Massachusetts election,  to step back and see if there are some components of the bill that we can all agree on.”