BIG NAME IN MORNING NEWS WITH CONNECTICUT ROOTSIf you look up Chris Wragge on Wikipedia, you’ll see the words, An American News Anchor next to his name.

Wragge, the new anchor of The Early Show on CBS, is a big deal but those words make him sound a bit Ron Burgendy-ish.

Chris is no Ron Burgendy, a fictitious news anchor in the comedy film Anchorman,  but he is VERY funny!

I personally know Wragge from the time he spent working here in Connecticut at WVIT-NBC 30 during the mid-1990’s.  I remember him dragging me to an Ellen DeGeneres movie where she was set to marry the wrong guy.  This was way before DeGeneres “came-out” but even then, I wasn’t buying it.  The movie was awful and all the way to the theater, Chris made me listen to the same Mariah Carey song over and over and over again. It was one of those days some would love to forget but I can’t forget it.  Chris made me crack-up as many times as he played that awful song.

Chris is the real-deal and a great guy! That’s why I am so happy for him on his new promotion!  I didn’t know him for long but we still keep-in-touch on occasion.  Tomorrow, (February 5th)  he’ll be one of my guests on WDRC-AM as I fill in for radio talk show host Mary Jones.

Hope you’ll tune in.  Chris will be on from 10:15 AM to 10:30 AM on WDRC 1360.