Connecticut DJ files a Federal Lawsuit today against MTV and Jersey Shore saying the hit reality TV show is hurting his business and reputation.

By Shelly Sindland~For immediate release

Paul Lis at his South Windsor studio


Paul Lis doesn’t keep a tanning bed in his house or order hair gel by the tub. He’s not buff and doesn’t go out to clubs looking to meet women. Yet, many people think he does. He’s even gotten angry phone calls from men accusing him of trying to  steal their girlfriends.

“I’ve had death threats, ” said Lis who is a music producer and wedding DJ from South Windsor. Since 1973, he’s been going by the name DJ Paulie and trademarked the name. “They think I’m ‘that guy’ from The Jersey Shore.”

But Paul Lis is hardly ”that guy”, Paul Delvecchio, Jr., who goes by DJ Pauly D on the hit reality TV show known for its partying and wild behavior.  Delvecchio is in his 20’s and is known for his big hair.  Lis was spinning records long before Delvecchio was born. He prides himself in being G Rated. He worked on The Grease soundtrack. He even worked for Disney.

“I don’t want to be associated with that show, the drinking, the violence,” Lis said. “Anytime you search DJ Paulie, his name and face come up. I can’t compete, “ said Lis (sounds like lisp)  “Before the show went on the air, my website was very successful and getting attention from national advertisers. Now, I’ve pretty much been wiped off the Google Map.”

It doesn’t matter that the two men spell their DJ names differently.

DJ Paulie sounds like DJ Pauly,” said Jose Rojas, the attorney for Lis. “It’s not about the spelling but about the way it sounds. It’s confusing to the consumer and violates Federal law.”

In February of 2010, Rojas says Paul Delvecchio, Jr., aka DJ Pauly D, tried to trademark DJ Pauly D but was denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office because his client already owned the name and issuing a trademark for a similar name would lead to confusion.

“Delvecchio has misappropriated my client’s name, has been told by The Feds that the name belongs to my client, but MTV is still using it,” said attorney Rojas who sent a cease and desist order to the cable network. “We want them to give the little guy a chance and follow the law.”

“I know I’m David going up against Goliath,” said Lis “but I’m only asking for what’s right and trying to protect what is mine.”

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