For Immediate Release.

I'm not "that guy"!Paul Lis knows he has more of a pot belly than a six pack. Instead of big hair, the Connecticut wedding DJ says it’s no secret that he’s losing some of his. Lis is hardly loud. When he’s not in front of his microphone hosting his national internet radio show, he’s actually soft-spoken. Lis is the polar opposite of a man who goes by the name DJ Pauly D on MTV’s hit reality TV show The Jersey Shore.  Yet, the soft spoken South Windsor DJ says everybody thinks he’s “that guy from the Jersey Shore.”  He says he’s even gotten threatening phone calls from men who want to beat him up for stealing their girlfriends. Imagine that, Lis who already has a steady girl named Kim.

The Jersey Shore has practically wiped his name off the google map by burying his name, face and reputation.

Attorney Jose RojasIt’s just one of the reasons why Lis and his attorney Jose Rojas filed a Federal Lawsuit last week against Paul Delvecchio, Jr (aka DJ Pauly D) and MTV.  Lis has trademarked the name DJ Paulie and says MTV is violating copyright laws by using the name even if it’s spelled differently.  To read the original press release click here.  Meanwhile, Lis is starting to get his name back.  Coverage of his lawsuit has gotten national and local attention.

“I’m just trying to protect what’s mine.” Lis says.

You can bet there will be more to come on this story!

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