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Guts & Glamour firefighters know and live by the word dedication.  At their first calendar signing in West Hartford center, the women behind Connecticut’s first female firefighter calendar, sent their signatures and well wishes to Manchester firefighters serving in Afghanistan.

“Dedication. They’re dedicated to our Country and we’re dedicated to them,” said Miss January Theresa Bouchard-Pereira.

The men are friends and colleagues with Bouchard-Pereira who is a 911 EMS in Manchester and a Manchester Volunteer firefighter.

“They all want calendars but shipping them would cost a small fortune,” Bouchard-Pereira said. “So, I figured we’d get all the women to sign them tonight and send them off in one big care package.”

Guts & Glamour creator and photographer Shelly Sindland donated the calendars to the men. “It’s the least I could do,  we could do. We want them to know that we’re thinking of them especially during this time of year,” Sindland said.  “One war is over but the war in Afghanistan is not. We need them to know that we still care and have not forgotten about them.”

The women sent along personal messages along with their signatures.

“We owe them a lot,” one firefighter said. “I hope these calendars lift their hearts and spirits.”