This where children play

photo by Laurie Katz

Imagine coming to the park on a beautiful day like today, only to find this!

It just happened to my friend Laurie Katz who found this disturbing graffiti on the main sign to the children’s playground at Beachland park just now!  It must have happened over-night because Laurie and I were just at the West Hartford park yesterday with our children.

Katz, who is Jewish, is outraged by the graffiti and called West Hartford police right away!

“The cops were great. They came right away,” my friend told me. “However, I just came here to play with my daughter who now has been exposed to this awful part of humanity. How do you explain this to a four-year old?”


Photo by Laurie Katz

Both Laurie and I have noticed more and more graffiti at the park lately but nothing like this.

“I mean, this is a hate crime,” Laurie said. “They won’t get away with it.”

Indeed they won’t!  To the idiots who did this. don’t mess with these West Hartford Moms! We’re onto you!