meWelcome to my new and improved blog formerly known as Pampers & Politics. I’ve decided to change the name of my blog for two very good reasons; one,  I no longer cover politics on a regular basis and two, my four-year old daughter is no longer  in Pampers! One day, she will kill me for writing this.

Real Media is about whatever I want it to be. Real stories. Real People. Real life.  I’ve decided to play-off  the name of my former public affairs show, The Real Story,  which I created,  including my signature sign-off , “thanks for keeping it real!”

It’s good to be back on the beat. For nearly 20 years (15 years  here in Connecticut) I worked as a professional broadcast journalist at WTIC-TV/FOX CT and television stations in Maryland and West Virginia, covering big stories and some not so big stories. My career highlights include interviewing former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, former Vice-Presidents Dick Cheney and Al Gore, former First-Lady Laura Bush, Ross Perot (remember him?) Hillary Clinton, and the late Christopher Reeve and his late wife Dana, both of whom continue to inspire me today~talk about true love in life and death.

I’ve also had some difficult assignments, too many to count really, but the one that stands-out in my mind  is an obvious one. In 2005, I was one of five reporters picked in Connecticut to witness the execution of serial killer Michael Ross.  I watched a man die and then reported back to the press who then wrote about what I saw.  It wasn’t pretty and almost surreal but personally, I was more traumatized by the brutal Cheshire Home Invasion in 2007.

Switching gears, I am at a place in my life where the future is bright and good.  I have a beautiful four-year old daughter, with whom I get to spend lots of time, a new puppy and a new out-look on life.

Thanks for checking out my “new” blog.

And thank-you for keeping it real!